Civil Engineering & Surveying

Who Are We and Where Did We Come From?

Choice One Engineering Founded in 1994

All of this started back in 1994 in Sidney, Ohio, when Tony Schroeder,
Tom Coverstone, Jeff Puthoff, Brian Barhorst, and
Sharon Maurice got together and founded Choice
One Engineering. After gaining much knowledge in
the civil engineering and surveying industries,
the founding officers felt that they could
provide high-quality, cost-effective services in
a personal, fun, and relationship-oriented way.

The vision of these efforts proved to be
correct, as Choice One Engineering has
grown to be a leader in our field by
providing services to private and public
clients who repeatedly return to Choice One
Engineering for their engineering needs. Our
company quickly grew from serving clients in
the immediate area to providing services to a
35-county area in west-central and southwest
Ohio and eastern Indiana.

Choice One Engineering takes great pride in its commitment to assist its clients in developing project visions from beginning to end. The company has developed a reputation of keeping clients informed of the latest construction trends and agency requirements. Throughout our history, Choice One Engineering has grown into the company private and public entities rely on for their civil engineering needs.


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