Civil Engineering & Surveying

Things We Do Well

Sanitary Engineering

It may not seem glamorous to some folks, but around here, we give wastewater management the collective applause it deserves. We design sanitary sewer systems, pump stations, and on-site wastewater treatment systems that deliver the star-caliber performances you're looking for. And that's only the beginning!


Sanitary Services Include

  • Sanitary Sewer System Design
  • Sewer System Evaluation Surveys
  • Long-Term CSO Plans
  • Inflow/Infiltration Studies
  • Minor Wastewater Treatment Design
  • Holding Tanks
  • Pump Stations
  • On-Site Wastewater Treatment System
  • General Plan Preparation
  • Preliminary Engineering Report (PER's) Preparation
  • Operation and Maintenance Manual Preparation
  • Forcemain Design

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