Civil Engineering & Surveying

Things We Do Well

Engineering & Surveying Services

We're ready to roll up our sleeves and get to work for you with a comprehensive set of civil engineering and surveying services. We come complete with a friendly, enjoyable atmosphere, honest value, and a team of down-to-earth professionals that genuinely cares about the success of your project.


Street Reconstruction

We don't just design, we make lives easier with coordination of utilities, maintenance of traffic issues, and property owner preferences. 

Land Development

From planning, permits, earthwork analyses, utility designs to Record Drawings, we take care of everything
from A to Z. 


Our surveying services help keep your next project on target.

Storm Water

Feeling underwater?  We help you mitigate the risk of storm water damage to people and property.


We "fuel the flow" of sanitary sewer collection systems, pump stations, and on-site waste
water systems.

Rail Design

Our rail design services and experience with railroad companies will keep your project on time and on track.

Water Distribution

From municipal wells to distribution system design to water towers, we keep the spigot flowing.

Site Development

We deliver start-to-finish development services that will make your site out of sight!


We make sure bridges and culverts make the proper connection.

Bike Paths & Trails

We design parks, bike paths and trails that work in harmony with nature.


We put the brakes on traffic issues with thoughtful planning and design.

Grants & Funding

We have the connections and experience to get you the resources you need.

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